Hanyueda technology co., LTD. Is the leading domestic company focusing on the indoor health environment & intelligent interconnection solutions.
Founded in 2013, the company has more than 30 technical r&d teams, focusing on building a healthy indoor environment with healthy products. Company headquartered in Beijing, the other is in Shanghai, jinan, guangzhou, shenzhen and other places set up branch offices, is currently in the field of indoor environmental health in domestic with high quality, more structure, professional ahead of their own products.
Company for interconnection and indoor environmental health division wisdom, wisdom Internet business to build within the office building intelligent information highway, indoor environmental health department in the office building for users on the basis of information highway construction, health, comfortable, intelligent office environment, improve the work efficiency for the user to enhance cohesion and gave a strength.
Haneda has built a service platform with international quality with the technology innovation and technological wisdom, and has built a model of indoor health environment with international competitiveness. The company develops independently, provides stable and advanced technical support for air purification, and improves the quality of indoor air for customers. Company since its establishment continuously the product and to deepen the integration of science and technology, to customers and partners in the important position, hand in hand to open the new journey of healthy indoor environment, leading in the field of indoor environmental health.

英文地址:9F, guoxing building, no.22 south road, capital gymnasium, haidian district, Beijing.